Drafting volunteers into civic engagement

Today, teams make the first round of picks in the annual NFL Draft, choosing from their largest source of player recruitment.

Millions will tune in to see which college football players find new teams in the NFL, and in the process teams in need of filling deficient areas can select the best qualified players to help them achieve greater success in the upcoming months.

In skills-based volunteering, the relationship of the organization (NFL) and the volunteers (football players) is similar; strengthening the infrastructure of their team, while helping them build and sustain their capacity to successfully achieve their missions.

For example, an accountant looking for a nonprofit board opportunity and chairing their finance committee, or a graphic designer eager to expand their portfolio by providing pro-bono work for various organizations, helping to advance their branding identity.

Regardless, specialized skills in the marketing technology and business finance industry are traditionally areas nonprofits keep their eye on in the draft. The volunteer defensive line may have been stout last season, but depth is always needed. Most teams look to add more talent at key positions.

For community leaders eager to find civic opportunities, skills based volunteering is a sure-fire way to be more marketable while training to participate in the real world workplace draft.

Be part of our team and sign up for the Volunteer Memphis draft by creating a profile at www.volunteermemphis.org. It’s free, easy, and allows you to find high-level and meaningful volunteer opportunities throughout the Bluff City.

Is your nonprofit team recruiting great volunteers who have talent and skills you need to win your game? Join Volunteer Memphis by contacting the Director of Volunteer Memphis, Carol Gaudino at cgaudino@volunteermemphis.org or by giving us a call at (901) 278-0016.


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