Medtronic engages employees during month long community service: Project 6

June has been proclaimed Medtronic “Project 6 Month” by Shelby County Mayor Mark H. Luttrell Jr.

Held annually, this initiative is a month-long global kickoff to employee volunteerism. Demonstrating the sixth tenet of their Mission—to maintain good citizenship as a company—employees join together to make a difference in local communities.


Over 50 events have been scheduled by Medtronic for June. Already this month, they have had volunteers go to the FedEx Family House, where they served up breakfast and to Overton Park, where they repaired picnic tables. During the weekend, several more helped out at St. Jude’s Dream Night at the Memphis Zoo. Throughout the month they’ll be at the Child Advocacy Center, Youth Villages, the Memphis Zoo, Girls, Inc., The Memphis Oral School for the Deaf, and the Veterans Administration.

“The sixth tenet of the Medtronic Mission is about maintaining good citizenship as a company, and our employees sincerely embrace this,” said Doug King, president of Medtronic Spinal. “Giving back to our community goes beyond just our charitable donations, and involves hands-on activities and skills-based volunteering as well.”

Each Medtronic location involved in Project 6 offers one or more unique volunteer projects chosen by employees in that area. Since the inception of Project 6 in 2009, projects have ranged from cleaning local parks and assisting at homeless shelters to painting homes for the elderly and providing child care at orphanages.


Medtronic Spinal has had more than 2,300 volunteers log over 7,200 service hours.

“The cool thing about this is that Medtronic employees are encouraged to participate in community activities through the company’s Mission in Motion program, and are supported in their efforts to do so during workday hours,” said Victor Rocha, Public Relations Manager of Medtronic.

Also during the month of June, Medtronic will double the employee match. Generally, employees may donate to their favorite nonprofit and get a dollar for dollar match. But to shine a spotlight on their philanthropy, employees are eligible for 2:1 match during June. If any of them complete a total of 25 service hours, then their nonprofit is eligible for a $500.00 volunteer grant.
As part of the Volunteer Memphis Corporate Volunteer Council, Medtronic attends monthly meetings with industry leaders on corporate responsibility.
We celebrate their commitment to serving in our community and are delighted to have them embed community service in their employee culture.
Learn more about Project 6 on Medtronic Spine’s website here.

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